Ethiopia has been a hot spot for coffee growing for thousands of years

This African country has been known for its superb bean production and roasting since 850 AD. In fact, coffee derives its name from the word Kaffa, a region of Ethiopia in the South-West. It’s discovery has been shrouded in mystery, but the earliest accounts relay that an Ethiopian goatherd by the name of Kaldi discovered the beans after observing his goats visibly energized by the ingestion of a nearby bushes “cherries”. These cherries happened to house the coffee bean inside. He later brought this bean to a local monastery and introduced the local monks to its beneficial side effects. The rest is history.

The particular variety in stock currently is bought from the region of a small towned called Foge. This area area has coffee that grows as much as 2100 meters above sea level and is brought in from various areas in the region.

Drying method: Wet Process, Raised Bed Sun-Dried.

Recommend Roast Level: Light to Medium

Flavors: Jasmine + Honey Suckle + Citrus

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