It is no small secret that the Arabian peninsula has been at the forefront of coffee cultivation throughout the centuries. The particular subset of coffee bean that originates from this area is known as the Coffee Arabica variety.

The origins of this variety can be traced back to Yemen, from which it spread to Mecca, then Egypt, the Levant, and the rest of the world through Europe.

Known for its strong, bitter notes, this coffee is best paired with something sweet, and is a perfect variety for those that like bold coffee flavor.

In our current stock variety, we offer coffee from the Sana’a region of Yemen. Matari coffee, which is produced in the war-torn country of Yemen is a special variety that is considered a rarity.

Drying method: Dry process, patio sun-dried.

Recommend Roast Level: Medium to Dark.

Flavors: Cocoa Powder + Spice + Chicory Root